Since launching their first tracker in 2007, Fitbit has transformed millions of lives with their wearable technology by redefining what’s possible. It’s a history built by inventing the future. Only Fitbit gives you the freedom to get fit your way with wearable technology.

Everyone’s approach to fitness is different. One-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit you. That’s why they created a family of products that work seamlessly with each other, your budget, your favourite apps and your goals.

They have a history of inventing the future. They were the first in the category, the first to introduce automatic, wireless syncing, and the first to provide an open API. There algorithms have been the benchmark.

Even now, when they’re got industry-leading battery life and the thinnest, lightest GPS + heart rate device on the shelf—they’re still just getting started.

Fitness is more fun with friends and family. Lucky for you, all yours are on Fitbit. Fitbit is accessible on 200+ phones, including Android, iOS and Windows—more than any other tracker. Now you can connect, share and compete when you want, with anyone you want. On the walk to work, at the weight room or in the last mile.

Somewhere between first tries and finish lines. Pillow fights and pushing limits. That’s where you find fitness.  Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because fitness is the sum of your life. That’s the idea Fitbit was built on—that fitness is not just about gym time. It’s all the time.

How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible. When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

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The Fitbit app has a purpose for every part of your day.

All-Day Activity

View progress towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and see your trends over time.

Sleep Goals & Tools

Use a Fitbit tracker to record your sleep at night. Then, use the sleep tools in the app to set a weekly sleep goal, create bedtime reminders and wake targets, and review your sleep trends over time.


If you want to track your activity but don’t have a Fitbit tracker, you can use your smartphone to record basic stats like steps, distance and calories burned.

Multi-Tracker Support

Connect multiple trackers to one account and the Fitbit app will automatically detect when you switch between them. So you can wear Fitbit Surge FITNESS SUPER WATCH during workouts and use Fitbit One ACTIVITY + SLEEP TRACKERto discreetly track your day.

Activity & Workouts

Find more insights on your performance and the motivation to keep moving.


Enhance runs, walks and hikes by using the Fitbit app on your smartphone to track pace, time and distance. You can also control your music and use voice cues to stay in command.

Exercise Calendar

Logged workouts will pop up in your exercise calendar so you can look back on what you’ve accomplished, and use data & trends to make progress toward your goal.

Track Exercise

Use your Fitbit tracker to record workouts or log them in the app, then see all your exercise stats, their impact on your overall day, and how your performance is improving.

Exercise Sharing

Use the Fitbit app to share a view or a selfie once you’ve reached the peak of your workout. Your pic and stats can be sent to friends and followers on any social channel, or through email and text.

Fitbit Accessories

Wearable Technology: Announcing New Devices and Experiences for Women, Parents and Kids!

New Fitbit devices and experiences launched spring 2018

Since the beginning, community has been at the heart of the Fitbit experience. From challenging friends to a Workweek Hustle to connecting with like-minded individuals in groups, the power of the Fitbit family has been remarkable—and it’s about to grow in size and strength.

Today, Fitbit welcomes more health-and fitness-conscious friends into the fold with the introduction of three very special devices and an upgraded software experience. Whether you identify as a woman, harried parent, new dad, fitness fanatic, music lover—or any combination of those and more—Fitbit’s latest product and software release has something for you.

There’s a lot to unpack, so keep scrolling for more information on each new product, plus links out to deeper dives into Fitbit’s new comfortable, sleek, health and fitness smartwatch (humans with small wrists, rejoice!), the company’s first tracker for kids, a special edition Fitbit Ionic, and the addition of female health tracking to Fitbit’s app and smartwatches.

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Introducing the Latest and Greatest Products From Fitbit

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa, new Fitbit smartwatch

This lightweight, swimproof¹ smartwatch empowers you to live your best life with personalized health and fitness guidance, 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, phone-free music, apps, notifications and quick replies², 4+ day battery life³, and so much more. Versa Special Edition offers two looks in one with exclusive woven bands inspired by athleisure trends in lavender with a rose gold aluminum case or charcoal with a graphite aluminum case, as well as a black Classic accessory band in box. In the Americas, the Special Edition devices also include an NFC chip to use Fitbit Pay. Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch Black / Black Aluminum

Fitbit Versa Reviews

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Special Edition

Business Insider: Tech reporter Avery Hartmans awarded Fitbit Versa 4.5 out of 5 stars and called the device “good-looking, dead-simple to set up, lightweight, and—best of all—reasonably priced.” She also sang the praises of the watch’s aesthetic appeal and overall performance. “Its stunning battery life, stylish and lightweight design, and low price make it my new favorite smartwatch. (Sorry, Apple.)”

Engadget: Versa is “the best-looking Fitbit yet,” according to Cherlynn Low, reviews editor at Engadget, who says the new on-device dashboard “actually encouraged me to check my daily progress more often, and motivated me to stay on target.”

Gear Patrol: Tucker Bowe loved the Fitbit Versa so much he wrote, “If there was such thing as a perfect smartwatch for me—I think this would be it.” And: “This smartwatch is for anybody who doesn’t think they want a smartwatch.”

Macworld: According to Staff Writer Michael Simon, “Fitbit’s new $200 wearable is the Pebble Watch we always wanted, combining fitness acumen with technological smarts into a sleek, attractive package.”

Refinery29: Fitbit Versa’s sleek style is matched by its simple but superior functionality, according to Tech Editor Madeline, Buxton. “Compared to other wearables I’ve tested, Versa is remarkably user friendly.”

ZDNet: Writer Jason Cipriani believes Fitbit’s newest device is a universal crowd-pleaser. “As for the Versa, well, it’s nice to finally have a reliable and affordable alternative that works across multiple platforms. I have zero hesitation in recommending the Versa. Welcome to the smartwatch race, Fitbit.”

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Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch Special Edition Lavender Woven Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch Special Edition Lavender Woven

Live your best life with Fitbit Versaa health & fitness smartwatch that last 4+days and features 24/7 heart rate, phone-free music, apps, coaching & more.

Fitbit Versa is available in black with a black aluminum case, gray with a silver aluminum case, or peach with a rose gold aluminum case. Fitbit Versa Special Edition, which includes Fitbit Pay secure wallet-free payments, is available in a lavender woven band with rose gold aluminum case or charcoal woven band with graphite aluminum case, each with an extra black classic band.


Fitbit Ace

Fitbit Ace

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, this showerproof wristband tracks steps, active minutes, and sleep to help get your kids moving and reward them for their hitting goals. Best of all, you control who your kids connect with and what information they see in the app. Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker Electric Blue / Stainless Steel

New! Fitbit Ace™ Activity Tracker for Kids 8+

Female Health Tracking

Fitbit female health tracking symptoms

Female health tracking is now available in the Fitbit app and on Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch Peach / Rose Gold Aluminum and Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Blue/Orange Elastomer  (see female health tracking below). Log your period, record symptoms, gauge your estimated fertile window, get predictions on future periods, and more.

The Female Health Tracking Experience

In-app period tracking: Never get caught by surprise again. Log your period, record symptoms, and opt into receiving push notifications two days before and on the day of your predicted period start date. This allows you to have the opportunity to compare all your stats in one place.

Smartwatch integration: Track where you are in your cycle, view when your period is expected and see your upcoming estimated fertile window in the new Fitbit Today personalized health dashboard on Versa or Ionic.

News you can use: Learn about the menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility, and more with judgement-free content developed with Fitbit advisors Katharine White, MD, MPH, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University, and Larry Tiglao, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Stanford Healthcare’s Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group in Los Gatos, CA.

Community support: Join new Fitbit Community Groups focused on periods, birth control, trying to conceive, pregnancy, and perimenopause and menopause to ask questions, swap tips, or share advice.

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Create goals. Most Fitbit trackers allow you to set and adjust daily goal—such as activity, exercise, weight, hydration, food, and sleep targets— at anytime straight from your app [How to set goals]. Your daily progress towards these benchmarks can been seen on your dashboard. With certain devices, you can also set a “main goal”, which programs your tracker to alert you via lights and/or vibrations when you hit it. To see if your device has this capability, click on the “Account” icon in your Fitbit app, choose the device you’re using, click on “Main Goal” and choose one.

Customize your dashboard. The quick-glance tiles on your Fitbit dashboard aren’t set in stone. You can add, delete, edit and rearrange them from your app and so they best support your needs and goals.

Manually log activities. If you currently use a Fitbit One, Zip, Flex, or Charge, which don’t offer SmartTrack, or you’re doing an exercise that doesn’t require steps (indoor cycling, the elliptical) or involves complex, step-based movements (like tennis), manually logging the activity can improve the accuracy of this activity’s contribution to your caloric burn. It’s also a great option on days you forget your tracker at home. Here’s how to use manual tracking, as well as edit or delete automatic entries.

Get competitive. Want to compete against others? Create a group on and add friends. From there you can view the leaderboard to see how you rank against other members and have discussions. If your friends list is feeling thin, don’t worry: Soon you’ll be able to find other like-minded people through in-app groups.

Dive deep into your data. The detail screen you’re brought to when you click on a dashboard tile isn’t static either. For many, you can scroll through the top panel to see more data analysis and even get one-week, one-month, three-month, and one-year averages. You may also be able to click on the day-by-day stats that make up the rest of the screen to further investigate a specific day. This is where you can find information like sleep quality, your longest stationary period, how much time you spent in each heart rate zone, and more.

Share pictures. Have you ever seen someone share on social media cool pictures of their workout or screenshots of their dashboard, badges, or other accomplishments? You can do that, too—and straight from your Fitbit app! Here’s how to share your exercise, stats and accomplishments, Adventure landmarks, challenge results, and badges. Later this month sharing gets even easier with the launch of Fitbit Community.

Improve battery life. How long your tracker’s battery lasts depends on which device you have, your usage and settings, and other factors. Look up your device to learn specific ways that may help extend its battery life.

Set a bedtime reminder. Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of your ability to set a sleep schedule, but how about a bedtime reminder? Scheduling an alert that prompts you to start unwinding 30 minutes before your bedtime target can help you maintain a consistent sleep schedule, which experts say may benefit your health.

Log naps. If your tracker automatically detects sleep (all wrist-based Fitbit trackers do), then any nap you take that lasts longer than an hour will be saved in your sleep history. For anything shorter, you’ll need to manually log your sleep.

Wake up with a silent alarm. A gentler, more partner-friendly way to start the morning actually exists. Learn how to set a silent alarm that wakes you with vibrations, and then discover 13 other ways silent alarms can be helpful—you can set up to eight on every Fitbit tracker except Zip!

Request a weekly progress report. Curious how you’re doing or want to make sure you’re tracking towards your goals? You can opt into getting a weekly summary—that includes weekly totals, daily averages, badges earned, comparisons with friends, and more—within your notifications.

Sync with other apps. Do you ride with Peloton, sweat with Fitstar, stay organized with Amazon Alexa, or train your brain with Lumosity? These apps, and many more, can sync with your Fitbit account for easy data sharing. Take a look at all the apps currently compatible.

Fitbit Accessories


Fitbit Flyer are the wireless headphones designed for workouts—packing premium sound into a comfortable, sweatproof & secure design.